In a recent announcement at the monthly sitting of the Hanover Municipal Corporation, Inspector Mervin Rhodes of the Hanover Police underscored the critical issue of inadequate lighting along the main roadway in the Green Island area. According to Inspector Rhodes, the insufficient illumination has become a significant contributing factor to the escalating number of fatal crashes and incidents of crime in the region. Green Island, Hanover, has recently faced heightened scrutiny due to a surge in criminal activities, recording 32 murders over a specified period. Inspector Rhodes emphasized that most of these incidents occurred in areas characterized by poor or nonexistent lighting. Additionally, the Green Island Police have observed a rise in fatal accidents, particularly along poorly lit sections of the Orange Bay stretch.

Inspector Rhodes drew attention to the ongoing construction of the Princess Hotel in the Orange Bay area, noting a specific stretch of the roadway leading to the resort that requires urgent repair and proper lighting. As authorities grapple with these challenges, there is a pressing need for swift action and investment in enhanced lighting infrastructure. Addressing the dual threats of rising crime and road fatalities in the region has become paramount, necessitating a comprehensive approach to improve safety and security for the community.

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