Residents of Little Bay, Westmoreland are restive as the owners of nearly eight hundred (800) acres of land, they once called home, took measures to rid the land of alleged squatters on Wednesday, April 6. The incident saw incensed residents blocking the road to the area and demanding the urgent intervention of both Prime Minister Andrew Holness and of the Opposition Leader, Mark Golding. 

The residents are growing impatient and insist the government needs to act before things get any worse. Worse even as they remind their political representatives, this was not always a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) seat. In fact, changing hands only in the last general election after several years under the now opposition People’s National Party (PNP)

With writ in hand and having sought government’s intervention for several years, the owner has decided to take action. Meanwhile, the attorney for the owners, Alimi Banjoko told CVM LIVE, that the eviction was long pending and necessary. He says more demolition is set for Thursday and there is still a seat at the table for the government to act in helping the squatters.

He also says despite Wednesday’s protest only one fence was removed by the authorities. Watch the full report below:

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