Lisa Hanna Wins – All one hundred and twenty-six ballots have gone through a magisterial recount in the South Eastern St. Ann constituency, and the People’s National Party (PNP) incumbent Lisa Hanna wins the seat by 31 votes. The Jamaica Labour Party’s candidate says he has some technical concerns, which suggests this may not be the end of the challenge. 

The Jamaica Labour Party requested a magisterial recount after Hanna initially defeated Delroy Grantson by just 14  votes. The narrow margin put the PNP on edge as it could have been another upset for the party.Despite Hanna’s  narrow victory, her attorney Jordan Whittingham says the win was inevitable. 

Meanwhile, Grantson’s attorney, Daynia Allen, says there remains some level of concern, which might lead to the candidate taking further action. Hanna who has served as Member of Parliament for the past 14 years,  in a statement, says now that the recount is over she is ready to move on with the constituency. 

Our news team caught up with the JLP candidate, Delroy Grantson. He says  there are  some technical  concerns and he will be seeking further advice from his attorney.

CVM LIVE‘s Christeen Forbes reports: