Lease Approved For Yallah’s Market Space

Setting the record straight. Morant Bay Mayor Hubert Williams’ response to the Yallahs Division Councillor on issues pertaining to the old Yallahs market in St. Thomas, was loaded with counterclaims. An issue stemming from the commercial land agreement involving the St. Thomas Municipal Corporation, regarding the land on which the former Yallahs market was built.

The Mayor believes if Councillor John Lee investigated further, he would see the lease agreement in question between the Paul Bogle Foundation and the corporation. However, just recently the councilor insisted there was no such lease to his knowledge.

In his hand, is a copy of the full contract between the Paul Bogle Foundation and the corporation, while accusing councilor lee of using politics to guide his way of thinking. He notes the matter was also brought to the finance meeting recently where the Paul Bogle lease was renewed. 

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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