In December, Digicel Group’s Chief Executive, Oliver Coughlan, is set to step down from his role, with Chief Operating Officer Maarten Boute assuming the interim CEO position. Meanwhile, Denis O’Brien will be staying on as a Director and shareholder at Digicel Group.

Furthermore, Digicel’s founder, Denis O’Brien, has revealed his intention to announce his successor as the chairman of this Caribbean-based telecoms company in the “coming weeks.” This announcement coincides with the conclusion of a debt-restructuring process that will result in a reduction of O’Brien’s equity shareholding to approximately 10 percent, and the transfer of control to a group of bondholders.

Mr. Coughlan, initially planning to retire by the end of 2022, extended his tenure to oversee the restructuring process. With over nine years of dedicated service at Digicel, he previously led the company’s Pacific division before taking on the role of overseeing its Caribbean and Central America markets.