KSAMC Discovered Breaches With Building Approval Process

There is major development taking place across the corporate area – more buildings being constructed creating employment opportunities – thereby contributing to the growth of the nation. However, with these constructions happening, there is a problem – contractors breaching the building approval process. Councilor for the Trafalgar division and Minority Spokesperson on Building and Town planning, Kari Douglas has spoken out about the issue.

“We have discovered that there is a couple that have breached their building approvals and so there are some buildings that have been constructed across drains and the type of construction does not confirm to the standard engineering code.”

Douglas says a number of these drains will have to be re engineered and redesigned.

“The developers will receive orders or notices for them to be rehabilitated, for them to be re engineered and perhaps even reconstructed. There are a few that needs to be expanded as well. There are some pipes that may have been built for the standard of a single family dwelling initially as exposed to what now exists which is many multi-family units.”

An inspection will be carried out at these properties. The aim is to identify the issues before it worsens. Douglas is now appealing to developers to follow protocols.

“Build according to what has been approved on your plans. So, I am going to try to ensure that within the council the monitoring process is improved.”