KROLL Associates UK to Investigate SSL saga

Kroll associates UK, a subsidiary of KROLL international will be aiding in the investigation of the Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) saga. Dr. Nigel Clarke today signed and formalized the agreement between the government and the firm. 

He says the firm has the required expertise to deal with the technical issue at hand. Honouring his word during a policy address in January regarding the ongoing stocks and security limited fraud matter, the finance minister, members of the British High Commission, the executive director of the fid, and representatives of KROLL associates UK, signed and formalized the partnership for the support needed in the investigation. Kroll reportedly has an extensive track record of delivering independent, complex investigations and forensic audits in difficult operating environments with sensitive political contexts.

Dr Clarke says the 13-year-long fraud is a complex and complicated matter. The Minister says one of the policy directives is to seek international help while leaving no stone unturned in the matter. 

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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