Knox Past Students Give Millions to Sixth Form Project

As part of its latest push to provide adequate access to education, Knox College and high school has broken ground for its sixth form block as a push factor in the development of human capital; its principal says preserving education for future generations is key.

The compulsory implementation of the 6th form Pathways Program is set for September 2022. Principal of Knox College High, Alexander Bourne says the 6th Form Block will preserve learning for future generations by increasing access.

The cost of building the block is estimated at 200 million dollars. So far 25 million dollars has been raised, through donations from past students the project is set to be complete in 18 months. One past student, Chief Defense Staff Rear Admiral Antonette Wemyss Gorman was present to make her donation. In her presentation to students, on the first day of face-to-face classes, she urged them to take their education seriously to make a valuable contribution to society. More details in this report: