Klansman Trial: Witness Details Failed Murder Attempts

The prosecution’s second witness on his 6th day of giving evidence in the case against reputed gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and his 32 co-accused continued on November 3, in the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston, shared information on an alleged murder.

A properly structured criminal organization, with an alleged leader, Andre Blackman Bryan, men to ensure his safety, top tier members, and foot soldiers who carried out various attacks after being instructed.

Bryan and three of the accused men are being tried for the murder of Doolie that was committed in August 2017.At one point the reputed gang leader became furious with his foot soldiers, this after three failed attempts to murder a man; according to the prosecution’s witness, Bryan accused the men of being idle as they knew where the target was.

Meanwhile, the witness spoke of an incident when a gang member was shot and injured and being cared for at his home. The witness says he was instructed by Bryan to pick up pills at a nurse’s house in Spanish Town for the injured member.

All except one gang member who the witness says would never give out his gun. Additionally, the witness gave evidence against one of the defendants he calls the Chemist. The Chemist, he says is tasked with fixing the guns. The trial continues on Thursday.

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