The second witness in the one don Klansman trial was challenged to recount an incident where he claimed two men were killed and buried in Rivoli, Spanish Town. The witness claims police acting on his intelligence last year found human remains in a section of Rivoli. It was suspected the site is used by a gang to bury bodies.

It was revealed that the unofficial burial site discovered in Rivoli, Spanish Town by the police in 2020 was as a result of intelligence provided by the second witness in the case against alleged gang leader, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and his 32 co-accused.

The witness was being cross-examined by Defense Attorney Shadae Daley who represents the defendant, Pete Miller.

According to the witness, Miller was among a group of men who allegedly killed and buried two men from Denham Town in Kingston. The witness said he first led the police to the site in 2018 but nothing was found.

On the second operation, last year the police stumbled upon human remains. Pressed on his alleged donmanship, the witness says he did not own a gun because he is “not into badness nor was he ever sent to pull a trigger”; hearing this, the defendants in the dock laughed. On the first day of giving evidence, the witness introduced himself as a “so-called don” of an area.

During his testimony on Friday, November 12, he said he did not benefit from being a don, as he only recall getting money twice. Attorney, Venice Brown suggested the witness only decided to cooperate with the police because he wanted to escape prosecution, the witness refuted such claim.

The defense team has been building its case, around the witness’ ability to recount details made in his statements in 2018 and 2019 versus evidence given in court, pointing out inconsistencies between both.

But the defense took issue with the late disclosure of an additional statement by the prosecution, which they say has hampered their strategy. They are convinced the prosecution only disclosed recognizing their conduct put the crown at a disadvantage.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes intervened, saying the Crown must continue making disclosures during a trial, and even if new information surfaces from the Crown, the defense will have ample time to respond. The matter was adjourned until 10 am Monday.

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