Klansman Trial: Extortion Monies Collected Called into Question by Judge 

The Klansman Gang Trial continued on Tuesday with more responses from the prosecution. In trying to uphold their case against select defendants identified in extortion practices, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes asked prosecutors for more solid evidence that the monies were collected through unwarranted demand.

Technicalities in legislation threaten to foil the prosecution’s case in the Trial. Continuing their responses to the no case to answer submissions, the prosecution again tried to prove that there was a case against Donovan Mckenzie, the childhood best friend of crown witness one.

Richards allegedly collected extortion money from taxi drivers and vendors in Spanish Town for the gang.  Though both witnesses testified that money was collected, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes asked if they witnessed the collection. He clarified that there is a difference between eyewitness testimony and an understanding of a certain happening, as an understanding is not supported by law. 

Dylon McLean, another so-called top man of the gang who allegedly provided security for alleged leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan may have to answer for the double murder arson in New Nurseries in 2017. The Attorney insisted that he was party to a common design to injure persons as part of a criminal organization. Witness testimony indicates McLean colluded to collect an extortion fee of 1 thousand dollars from bus drivers in Spanish Town.

Meanwhile, the prosecution has conceded on count 25 which named several defendants including Blackman and Stephanie “Mumma” Cristie as co-conspirators in the murder of a man named “Ice”. This is because of the prosecution’s inability to prove that ice was even a person.  Other defendants that will no longer be tried under this count are Fabian Johnson, Jahzeel Blake, Andre Golding, and Lamar Simpson.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell

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