The Prosecution in the One Don Klansman gang trial on Monday, December 6 revealed that they may need to use the court’s power in obtaining call data records from one of the country’s telecommunications providers, Digicel. Disclosing that the Communication Forensic & Cyber-Crime Division (CFCD) has received records from FLOW. 

The police were previously having challenges in obtaining telephone records from both providers.

Additionally, the defense completed its cross-examination of the crown’s seventh witness, the lead investigator in the alleged criminal organization.

The court learned that Flow provided the records requested, however, data from Digicel remains absent – It is the prosecution’s intention to use the court’s power to retrieve the data.

Meanwhile, the work of the police witness was subjected to scrutiny by the defense; it was revealed that the former gang member turned crown witness was removed from an active crime scene before the investigators from the Independent Commission of Investigation, (INDECOM) arrived.

The incident occurred on January 25, 2019, at a section of Spanish Town, where two alleged members of the gang reportedly engaged the police in a shootout and both gangsters were fatally shot.

Additionally, INDECOM was not made aware that the former gang member was present during the incident as he was whisked away by the lead investigator.

Defense Attorney, Denise Hinson questioned why the informant was removed from the scene before INDECOM had access to interview him…

The police witness’ response was that if he was asked to make the former gang member available, then he would.

Another attorney suggested that the police witness has been taking exhibits from other cases and including them in the trial.

Asked if he has ever given the former gang member money, the detective responded “yes he’s a man that was under my care”…

He says he gave him money to purchase phone cards.

“I am not sure, I don’t think so, maybe and I can’t recall” – are just some of the ambiguous answers that were given to several questions posed to the detective by the defense…

One of the defendants was heard mumbling that the police’s investigation is sloppy.

A new witness for the prosecution is expected to take the stand on Tuesday.