Klansman Trial: Both Witnesses say they were Forced into Gang

Testimony is still ongoing against reputed gang leader, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and the feared St. Catherine based Klansman gang. Day 23 of the one don Klansman trial saw the prosecution’s first witness retake the stand to be further cross-examined by a defense attorney.

Two witnesses have so far given evidence in the Home Circuit Court, implicating alleged gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and 32-of his co-accused. Both men who were alleged top-tier members of the gang have expressed to the court that they were forced into the criminal organization by Bryan out of fear for their lives.

According to the Crown’s witnesses once they got involved with the gang there was no refusing orders and they had to do what they were instructed to when instructed. Additionally, Defense Attorney Denise Hinson who represents the defendant identified as Brian Morris, conducted a cross-examination of the first witness on Tuesday, November 9.

Hinson suggested that the prosecution’s first witness while in police custody knew that someone was cooperating with the police and that it was on that basis the former gang member decided to testify. The witness conceded that he knew someone was feeding the police information that led to his arrest and several others, but he didn’t know who it was. Hinson asked the witness if his lawyer was present while he was giving his statement to the police, the witness’ response was no.

Meanwhile, during further examination from the prosecution, the witness complained about feeling ill as a result of medication ingested. He requested an end to the day’s proceedings. The matter was adjourned and the witness is slated to retake the stand on Thursday, November 11. The team of defense lawyers will also continue to cross-examine the prosecution’s second witness on Thursday, November 11.

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