Kingston Mayor to Take Delinquent Developers to Court

“Tough sanctions will be applied to delinquent developers, amid swirling allegations of corruption against the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, after approval of strata plans,” says Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams.

In light of the allegations, the mayor says compliance is the only way forward or dire consequences.

The Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation receive an average of 800 building applications each year. The process of approval was described as rigorous and technical by the Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams. Developers are expected to stick to the approved building plans. The mayor says the corporation will be clamping down on those who build outside what is approved and that the KSAMC has also been receiving complaints from residents about construction that takes place outside of designated days and times. Upon detecting legislative and administrative weakness in the process, changes were made to refine how approvals are done. For instance, instead of one building officer managing an application, up to four will now do so.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell