Kingston, Jamaica: The PNP Fallout Continues

People’s National Party (PNP) Strategist,  Dr. Canute Thompson says the failure of the Party to implement past recommendations, brought forward in previous elections, is the main reason he rejected the position to lead the recently established  Election Review Committee.

It has been two weeks since  the Parliamentary  Election and the People’s National Party  is struggling to find its way. 

Dr. Canute Thompson was named as the head of the Party’s  Election Review Committee, Thompson, however, rejected this appointment.    

Dr. Thompson while speaking on CVM LIVE’s  Panel Discussion explains why. Days after the party’s crushing defeat he recommended the party revisit the election  2007 and 2016 reports to implement those recommendations.

As the local government election approaches, Dr. Thompson says the PNP needs to find calm amid the storm.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Angela Brown Burke is defending the letter sent on behalf of the People’s National Party Youth Organization asking the People’s National Party’s President, Dr. Phillips to step aside in the next thirty days.

Brown Burke  says  the only problem with the letter is  that  it  was leaked.

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