Kerry Ann Collins: Burn Victim Dies After 12 Days In ICU

The 25-year-old woman, Kerry Ann Collins, who received third-degree burns after a gas cylinder exploded in her home in Kingston, has died.  

The family says despite the hard work of the medical staff at the Kingston  Public Hospital, the unavailability of a burn unit was a major factor in her death.

Kerry ann was supposed to leave the island on Wednesday, but while the family was finalizing travel arrangements they received a   call from the Kingston Public Hospital.

At her workplace her co-workers too were saddened by the news of her demise, all hoping she would have pulled through.

Stephen Josephs is the project manager at the Sanmerna foundation; He says the US 15, 300 dollars that were needed for airfare was raised by the foundation.

He says the family asked him to speak with the doctor as they were not prepared for the worse. The family is blaming the absence of a burn unit at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) for Kerry-Ann’s death.

For twelve days Kerry-Ann was admitted to the intensive care unit at the KPH. CVM Live spoke with senior medical office at the KPH, Dr. Natalie Whiley who refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, the managing director of the Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd, where Kerry-Ann worked, is calling on corporate Jamaica To assist in providing a burn unit at the hospital.