Supporters of the People’s National Party, (PNP) came out on Thursday, September 23, at the Opposition Leader’s’ headquarter to air their frustration with the current leadership. PNP Activist Karen Cross who spearheaded the protest says she is in favor of reuniting the party, not to cause further division. Cross however says the party president and some of his colleagues must go.

Cross who has been in court with PNP Vice President Dayton Campbell notes her agenda is not to promote another candidate for the role of party president, but instead to reunite the party.

Meanwhile, PNP Vice President Dayton Campbell says although members have opted to protest outside of the headquarters, he notes the leadership of the party is open to having dialogue with them to air all views and concerns. Campbell admits the breakdown in the party has sparked further concern for Jamaican citizens at large.

According to Cross and her supporters the Opposition Leader allegedly ordered security guards to close the gate as they arrived to protest at the front of the premises.

CVM Live observed a vehicle with someone recording the protesters while leaving; we tried speaking with the security guards to ascertain if Mr. Golding was on the compound, however we were unsuccessful. Around 12:45 pm Ms. Cross and her supporters packed up and left the scene.

Reporter: Javine Mclean: