JUTC revenues plunge: JUTC Sales and Marketing Manager, Nathalia Palomino says charter -driven revenues took a hit during the prevailing pandemic. 

This as she notes more and more health and safety measures have pushed the elderly and frequent travelers to stay at home. 

She says with less entertainment events such as parties and large gatherings, to include weddings, funerals and conventions, the company’s once active charter service has ground to a halt.

Palomino says the JUTC’S charter revenue fell by almost 95 percent. The impact of the pandemic is likely to be felt for much longer despite the approval of more COVID-19 vaccines.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Tufton recently announced in parliament that a vaccine is likely to reach the country by April 2021. This could well see much of the elderly population vaccinated and returning to normal life. This would also mean more commuters as normalcy returns to the society.

The public bus company has long suffered financially from thefts and other challenges.

Palomino says the company continues to provide quality service in a safe and reliable manner during the pandemic. She says safety protocols have been enforced on all their buses and the necessary sanitation of the vehicles continues.

She was speaking Wednesday afternoon with CVM LIVE.

JUTC remains Committed

She adds that despite the setbacks the company remains committed to its partnership with the San Merna Foundation to provide support and gift members of the disabled community in and around the Corporate Area.

Additionally, she says despite the pandemic the company has found unique ways to treat it’s vulnerable commuters during the yuletide season. The country’s bracing for its first Christmas during the pandemic.

The JUTC is one of several government entities reeling from the effects of lockdowns and stay at home orders. 

The company’s reminding persons to take the necessary precautionary measures during the festive season.

CVM LIVE‘s Neika Lewis reports: