Junction Road Reopens – Access has been re-established along the Junction Road, St. Mary following a major breakaway in the area on Tuesday, September 29. The National Works Agency was called to re-establish access and began work to reopen the roadway. Structural issues along with recent rains said to be the reason behind the incident.

“A no now the road a drop even before them people (National Works Agency) start work yah,” said a resident. “NWA know the road a drop long time so them should a make the people know that a bridge fi build here yah so. Right yah now the road block enuh and people have fi go ’bout them business and can’t go.”

Another resident told CVM LIVE, “We have a little small crack yesterday evening but we a hope seh it wouldn’t stay so still…but when mi a youth me know seh it have a little hole underneath it where we use to go ketch fish and those things. Me did tell them from them a dig that it never need to dump just make a bridge cross it.”

The Junction Road is part of the Government of Jamaica’s road rehabilitation project and part of the strategic development of Jamaica’s critical infrastructure. The total value of the project was $626 million. Now, the National Works Agency (NWA) has to be carrying out additional work to reopen.

“Some years ago that same section of road sunk and I thought that in this new road work it would have been taken care of. Obviously, whatever solution was placed there was not adequate and the road has now shifted again,” said Mayor of Port Maria, Richard Creary.

The NWA was quick in its response and has reestablished access to the major roadway.

“We have determined that there is a serious structural weakness beneath the road that requires a particular approach and that approach will see us doing work in the channel within the vicinity of the failure,” said Communications and Customer Service Manager at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw.