The historic trial of Andre Bryan and the twenty-eight (28) co-accused in the Klansman gang trial has seen more no-case submissions made by defense attorneys, however, some arguments were challenged by Chief Justice Brian Sykes. 

During Monday’s Trial, the fiery Chief Justice Bryan Sykes butted heads with attorneys on occasions; stonewalling arguments that would seek to disprove defendants as members of a criminal organization among other charges.

The attorney for Kemar Harrison argued his client was not named in any witness testimonies. Harrison is charged with conspiracy to murder two persons. Justice Sykes questioned whether Harrison not being named equated to him not being there. A notion that was earlier rebuffed during the no-case submission for Jahzeel Blake.

However, heads turned when the argument was presented by Attorney Roxene Smith, representing soldier turned alleged gangster Jermaine Robinson. The witness testimony identifies him as Bryan’s personal security. Smith challenged that the recorded calls made by crown witness number 2 were an entrapment. She highlighted two phone calls the witness made to Robinson. In the first, mention is made of “tall stick” and “Hanna Kay” both code-names for rifles. In the second instance, the witness asked Robinson for a contact number for another gangster (which Robinson said he did not have).

Attorney Smith argues that her client was “clueless” and “had no idea what was going on”; so, the recordings add nothing to Robinson’s case and fail to indicate that he was part of the gang. She ultimately rejected the evidence as spurious, inherently weak, and insufficient to make a case against Robinson.

It was revealed that the prosecution conceded on around 10 counts. This means that the charges against select defendants have been reduced like Jahzeel Blake who had 4 of his 8 counts dropped and Jason “Citypuss’ Brown whose 3 counts have been reduced to 1.

No case submissions continue when the trial resumes on Tuesday.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell

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