JTA President: Devotion Must Be Preserved

President of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association (JTA) La Shonja Harrison, is adamant that devotion must be retained in schools. This position comes on the heels of the Ministry of Education and Youth’s declaration to launch an investigation to determine the protocols for school devotional exercises, moving forward.

The incident at the Oberlin High School just Wednesday, saw multiple students having an unusual reaction during and after religious exercise, which triggered the Ministry’s need to act. “While we encourage devotion in school, our school leaders have a responsibility to exercise caution as the content and likely impact on students” These comments from the Minister of Education and Youth Fayval Williams, in a press release following the incident at the Oberlin High School on Wednesday, where a religious exercise conducted during the school’s devotion, was disrupted by several students’ odd behavior, as they screamed franticly and fell to the floor.

The viral videos of the incident have jarred reactions from citizens, as the court of public opinion wonders on, conjuring many theories, with even speculation of a spiritual awakening. Since the Ministry’s publication of their intended action, President Harrison has come forward expressing concern. She says the JTA notes the Education Minister’s response to the situation and awaits further details concerning the probe and protocols moving forward. 

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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