Members of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association gathered at their 97B Church Street Location for a one hour vigil in remembrance of teachers and students who have died either by natural causes or death.

The Vigil follows the tragic death of seven year old Benjamin Bair, a student from Clan Carthy Primary who was killed after a Garbage Truck fell on him on Monday.

President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Owen Speid, says the incident was tragic recalling his own personal experience.

“I lost a son at that same age. He was seven years old when he died in a car accident and it brought back memories and so when I added that to the fact that we are having so many of our educators, so many of our soldiers just falling by the way side with that level of rapidity. It makes me wonder what is happening around us.” he says.

According to Mr. Speid, educators must remain prayerful and health conscious. He recommends that they take regular breaks from the classroom.

” I am charging you to listen to your bodies. You only have one body and when that is gone, when it is depleted you can get no more.”

The JTA President is also calling on educators to consider the families of educators and students who have passed.