JPS Says It’s Not Responsible For Trees On Residents’ Property

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) says it is not responsible for the cutting of trees in private spaces. This follows the electrocution of two men in less than a week.

The most recent is a St. Mary resident, who was electrocuted after attempting to remove a high voltage wire that was dislodged from a utility pole after cutting a tree.

The other is 18-year-old Anthony Newbie who was picking mangoes in Grant Crescent in Hampton Green, St. Catherine on Monday.

Newbie died after his picking stick that had a metal hook came in contact with a 24,000 voltage wire that was running through the tree.

This incident in particular had citizens irate with the Jamaica Public Service Company.

Audrey Williams is the Public Relations and Media Manager at JPS.

She says they are responsible for cutting trees in public spaces but not on customers’ properties.

Williams says the high voltage wires do not necessarily have to touch a person to electrocute them therefore, keeping out of a wire’s magnetic field of 15-20 ft is critical.

Meanwhile, a St. Mary resident reportedly tried removing a high voltage wire from the road after a chopped tree dislodged the wire from the utility pole. He was also electrocuted.

A Contractor says many times residents cut their own trees not asking the company to assist in outing the power.

Additionally, he says they are challenged by residents who do not want their fruit trees to be cut.

Paige Dixon reports for CVM Live: