JMF Chairman Says Anti-Vaxxers Are ’Selfish’

The Jamaica Medical Foundation, (JMF) is weighing in on the vaccine conversation. Speaking at Foundation’s 32nd annual general meeting, on Wednesday, October 20, in Kingston, Chairman Micheal Fraser called for cohesion in the vaccination strategy and called out anti-vaxxers for their decision, he says that may prove harmful to the population.

Vaccine hesitancy among Jamaicans is proving to be a hindrance in the progress of the national vaccination plan to have a majority of the population vaccinated. Many Jamaicans have made known their stance against the vaccine. The JMF Chairman, Fraser is imploring those who are against taking the vaccine to consider the health of those around them as they exercise their freedom of choice.

Fraser notes that it is not just a matter of not wanting to take the COVID-19 vaccine, but that persons who refuse to get vaccinated are infecting others and this is a selfish act. Chairman Fraser also calls for a bi-partisan partnership to push the vaccination agenda with clarity.

Webster Memorial Church Pastor, Reverend Astor Carlyle parallels the call. Suggesting that the choice to take the COVID-19 vaccine is made upon trustworthy information, and exercised with the principle of compassion.

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