JMEA Survey Says 80% Decline in Business Productivity

The Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) conducted a survey to analyze the effects of the no-movement days on various businesses in Jamaica. The results highlighted the various challenges members faced and showed an overall decline in productivity among businesses and manufacturers.

Businesses are struggling, and since no movement days were implemented by the Government, the JMEA received complaints from members after the second week of no-movement days.

This prompted the JMEA to do a survey to pinpoint the various issues members faced between August 22 and September 4, other challenges include reduced sales due to a decrease in production time, cancellation and rescheduling of orders for customers, and difficulty servicing customers on the no-movement days.

Staff members found it difficult to access food outlets on days that were open, and their businesses were neglected.
The result of the survey indicated that 80% of members experienced a decline in productivity. 40% indicated that their suppliers were severely hindered during the no-movement days. 83% expect to see a decline in their company’s revenue for the period of the no-movement days, and 17% are unsure about how the no-movement days will impact their revenue.

JMEA President, John Mahfood realizes the effectiveness of the lockdown in reducing COVID-19 spread but proposes a re-evaluation of the current situation with a view to reducing the lockdowns to suit operations for members.

Mahfood is concerned that the long-term challenges will be the nail in the coffin for smaller businesses and manufacturers. He calls for urgency to increase the level of vaccinations in the country.

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