Things are about to heat up on the campaign trail as the Jamaica Labour Party readies its election machinery. This was the general sentiment of the party as it promoted its Manchester candidates. JLP leader and Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been adamant that he is not preoccupied with elections, but the governing party continues to feed speculations that one is imminent, warning the candidates that there are no safe seats.

Amid intensifying speculations surrounding election dates, members of the Jamaica Labour Party continue to push their caretaker elects or, according to party chairman Robert Montague, their candidates in waiting to the forefront.

Damion Young, Member of Parliament-elect for Manchester North Western, is dubbed by Montague as the job boss. Montague says Young has expressed interest in reopening the Huntley Processing Plant in Manchester, which had farmers lamenting its operation since 2022. He adds that the party is pleased to have Young as its candidate. Young contested the 2020 general election but lost to the PNP’s Mikael Phillips. Admitting he was disappointed, the recovered Young is confident that his opponent will be cornered at their next face-off. He notes that his motivation to remain in the constituency swelled from what he describes as his opponent’s underperformance. Watch the report: