A Jamaica Labour Party councillor who is being linked to criminals, is denying any association with criminal activity. The councillor Chris Townsend who is represented by his namesake attorney, Christopher Townsend says the reports circulating on social media have tarnished his reputation as a law abiding citizen.

His attorney discloses that information is circulating from a Police WhatsApp group about his client being involved in an attempted robbery and kidnapping. The incident is said to have taken place on October 31.

Townsend, however shares that one of the men is employed by him. However, there is no relation beyond the workplace and he is not directly supervised by him.

He is now trying to clear his name as he is allegedly being threatened.

His attorney is now calling for members of the public who share the information to cease and desist. CVM LIVE however understands that there are plans to take legal action as the statements made are said to be defamatory in nature.