JFJ Calls for CPFSA Updates

A number of influential groups have joined in a call for the Ministry of Education and Youth (MOEY) to provide an update on the status of the replacement of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Child Protection and Family Service Agency (CPFSA). The agencies also want the Minister to advise on the steps taken since announcements were made on proposed changes to the governance structure at the agency.

The call for an update relating to the new appointment to the CEO position of the CPFSA follows the shocking report from the Office of the Children’s Advocates (OCA) and the institutional failure that led to allegations of young girls being sexually abused, and the subsequent removal of the agencies former CEO Rosalee Gage-Grey.

The civil society groups are also calling on the Minister to provide updates following the announcement of the intention to revise the governance structure of the CPFSA with a board that has a directive role, rather than an advisory one. While also inquiring about any criminal investigations. Jackson adds that the minister must lead on a comprehensive review of the childcare and protection act to consider amendments that ensure greater protection of the nation’s most vulnerable children. This includes implementing strong background check procedures for all persons (foreign and local) interacting with children in state care.

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