JEP: Over 200 Residents Benefited from Health Fair Series

Over 200 residents in Old Harbour Bay and in some eastern Kingston communities have benefited from the Health Fair Series driven by the Jamaica Energy Partners Group (JEP).

Jamaica Energy Partners Group Health Fair Series, which commenced in June, has already fulfilled the medical needs of over 200 residents in the Old Harbour Bay (OHB) and eastern Kingston communities.

Wayne Mckenzie CEO of JEP says due to a recent Coronavirus, COVID-19 spiral in Old Harbour Bay, this year, they have capitalized on telemedicine to ensure the safety of the residents, JEP employees, and volunteers.

Mckenzie says though many doctors who volunteered at the health fairs are also unemployed they nevertheless made themselves available to educate residents on how to stop the spread of the virus as well as treat and bring awareness to a variety of other health conditions

JEP has also started a Fisherfolk Workshop, to educate fishermen on how to navigate themselves and reduce the risk of being lost. Mckenzie says the observation of the moon, sun, and stars for direction needs to change with the use of technology among other things.

Additionally, Mckenzie says fisher folks need to adhere to the law surrounding fishing as well as adhere to the different protocols that come with the changing of the season to protect and preserve the environment.