The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) continues to modernise policing with its innovative approach to handling domestic violence, a prevalent issue in communities across the nation. In a recent radio interview, Police Commissioner, Antony Anderson, spoke about the significant impact of the JCF’s Domestic Violence Intervention Centres.

“A lot of what we do as the police force is not confined to only the other hard side of policing,”began Commissioner Anderson, shedding light on the JCF’s multifaceted approach. “A lot of what we do is an investment in communities, interventions in communities.”

Highlighting a prime example of this approach, Commissioner Anderson revealed, “We have 10 Domestic Violence Centres across the country.” These centres, a relatively recent addition to the JCF’s community outreach initiatives, have had a profound impact on how domestic violence cases are reported and handled.

In 2023, a staggering 8500 cases of domestic violence were reported. “Of those, 6000 of them were reported at the centres as opposed to at a police station,” Commissioner Anderson disclosed. This shift in reporting indicates a significant change in public perception and trust in the police force’s ability to handle such sensitive matters.


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