JAS: Agricultural Plan Necessary to Help Poultry Farmers 

Amidst the high cost of animal feed in Jamaica, the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) is appealing to the government to help small farm operators stay in business. JAS President Lenworth Fulton says the ongoing Ukraine war has resulted in a shortage of grain which has sent the cost of animal feed soaring. Small chicken and egg farmers in Jamaica are uncertain about the future of their businesses after experiencing a shortage of animal feed. The President is calling for a comprehensive agricultural plan, to help especially small operators who are faced with excessive fees for animal feeds.

 He notes there is no normalcy guaranteed soon as the country is faced with grain shortage from its main suppliers. Fulton further appeals to the government to remove the GCT from eggs to create affordability for consumers 

The shortage of animal feed has resulted in smaller birds being slaughtered as well as smaller eggs harvested. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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