Jamaica’s Youngest Senator, Gabriela Morris Counters Critics

The appointment of someone or an entity to a national leadership role can set off a series of debates and commentary that may exam the appointee’s qualifications, skills, aptitude, and more. For some critiquing the individual’s potential to execute, but for Opposition Senator, Gabriela Morris – Jamaica’s youngest Senator to be appointed she says her appointment is indeed an opportunity, rather than a mistake.

On paper the main role of a Senator in the parliamentary process is to create, debate, and vote on legislation that makes new laws or modifies existing ones. Although he is not against the idea of young people being elected, former Politician and former Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Lloyd B. Smith says some form of mentoring is necessary before appointment.

He is of the opinion that there needs to be a set of criteria, judging or evaluation to test the aptitude of prospective candidates for the role. In addition, Smith is suggesting that Independent Senators be appointed so as to create a greater level of intellectual readiness.