Jamaican Parents: Corporal Punishment is Necessary

Jamaican parents and many others have reignited the conversations surrounding corporal punishment, as the recent death of 4-year-old Nashawn Brown sent shockwaves across the country.

Speaking on CVM Live’s Panel Discussion on Monday, July 26, Social Commentator Dr. Garnett Roper says the use of corporal punishment subconsciously inflicts violence on children.

He says Jamaican parents often use biblical teachings to justify the disciplinary method. Reverend Roper notes that this form of disciplinary action is deep-rooted in slavery.

Dr. Roper says there needs to be an alternative approach to discipline.

Meantime, Theological Ethics Expert Dr. Anna Perkins says while there needs to be legislation to maintain balance within the society, more effective mechanisms are needed to perpetuate positive parenting.

However, some Jamaican parents are of the view corporal punishment is ideal.

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