Jamaica: Using Technology to Solve Crimes

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has used cyber forensics, ballistics, and DNA evidence to strengthen its investigative processes – including technology in its fight against crime. Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang elaborates on how technology bolsters the force’s front-lines.

“There is a significant increase in both the reaction time and the quality of the reaction with the police in these recent times,” said Dr. Chang.

According to the Security Minister, the use of technology in investigations will assist in building stronger cases, subsequently leading to more arrest.

“The police have demonstrated in recent times the capacity to reach them fast and apprehend them immediately – and if not apprehend them to know who they are and hunt them down – and that we have to commend the police for,” he added. “In fact, (recently), they had intercepted a car and they were attacked and although they were injured they intercepted. Once the criminal was shot and the other was apprehended after.”

With the expansion of its technology platform, the Jamaica Constabulary Force can now accommodate a greater number of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, allowing officers to monitor more public spaces.

“I think this is reflected in the investment made in the police force, not only in terms of the building but in terms of technology. The surveillance programme, the communication established now is effective and real-time as the mobility and there are much better police stations.”