Jamaica: Threat Level against Police Raised To High

The Jamaica Police Federation (JCF) says its members are increasingly becoming the subjects of violent attacks and have increased the threat level against them to high, as a result of fatal shootings and numerous cases of assault. In a little over a week, there have been five noted incidents of violence against police… This includes the killing of a constable on Friday night in the Max-field Avenue and more recently a police service vehicle being damaged in St. Ann by patrons after the police ordered promoters to end a party which was in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

Senior superintendent of police and head of the corporate communications unit at the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Stephanie Lindsay, says the threat against police is always high.

In another incident lawmen were injured in Seaview Gardens, St. Andrew after patrons were seen breaching the disaster risk management act.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) says it remains committed to detect and tackle criminality at all levels, even as there are more reports of violence being directed at its members.

She emphasizes that the recent incidents are a reflection of how lawlessness has invaded the society.

Citizens are being urged to refrain from challenging officers especially in their efforts to enforce the law, as the result can lead to unfavorable outcomes. CVM LIVE reporter Christeen Forbes has been tracking that story: