Jamaica: PJ Patterson Calls For Peace In PNP

Former Prime Minister PJ Patterson‘s urging peace in the 82-year-old People’s National Party (PNP). Meanwhile, Mr. Patterson says Culture Minister Olivia Grange should reconsider plans to adjust the dates for commemorating independence and Emancipation days in Jamaica.

Former Prime Minister, PJ Patterson on Tuesday declined to comment on the recent senatorial dilemma dodging the 82-year-old People’s National Party.  He’s the second past PNP president to distance himself from the ongoing conflict. Steering clear of the issue of the chaos unfolding over the senatorial appointment of Peter Bunting.

When asked if he would comment he told our news centre he’ll not comment on the issue. Meanwhile, Mr. Patterson’s urging the Olivia Grange led Culture Ministry to leave the Independence and Emancipation day commemoration dates alone.

On Tuesday, the former prime minister issued a five-page statement condemning the government’s plan to change the days on which Jamaicans commemorate Emancipation and Independence in Jamaica.

This after a Don Anderson Poll commissioned by the Culture Ministry was met with strong support for the dates to be changed to facilitate more celebratory activities in August.

Emancipation day is commemorated on August 1 and Independence Day on August 6, each year. Mr Patterson is urging Jamaicans not to sacrifice history at the altar of ignorance.

Image Source: caribbeannationalweekly