Jamaica Household Workers’ Union Launches Manual 

The Jamaica Household Workers’ Union (JHWU) has successfully created a manual for employees and employers, outlining their rights and responsibilities. The manual which was created to spread awareness on sexual harassment and fair wages was launched on the Union’s 31st Anniversary, on June 16.

The manual also highlights the responsibilities and rights of both the workers and employers to generate a safer environment for household workers.

The Union also launched its Public Service Announcement Campaign around those same rights and responsibilities, as well as the “fight against sexual harassment in the domestic workspace”. 

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Minister of Labor and Social Security Karl Samuda says he is committed to supporting the union in its next step. The Minister believes the initiative is an excellent strategy to involve the members of the union and make them feel supported. 

President of the Jamaica Household Worker’s Union Shirley Pryce, mirrors this support, saying the manual was designed to spread awareness about workers’ rights. More details in the report below:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman