Jamaica: Difficulties Ahead For E-Learning Transition

While the Jamaican education system seeks to incorporate digital platforms (E-Learning) in its lesson plans, school learning systems will be very different as the pandemic rages on.

As our students and teachers prepare to return to school for the new term what will the new normal look like?

As COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the nation, e-classes are now the new norm. 

Minister of Education Fayval Williams says the government is promoting online classes as a measure to reduce face to face interaction to control the spread of the virus as the new school term approaches next Monday

However, due to the new technical adjustments, teachers have to alter their approach to lesson plans to facilitate the new medium of teaching.

One educator from a prominent all girls school in St Andrew, Malika Palmer Allen, who is currently preparing for the new school year. Says there are challenges in writing the lesson plans for e classes. 

Many educational platforms are well adapted to facilitate classroom settings, including Google suite, YouTube and Blackboard Learn. 

Though many students are still at a disadvantage with gaining access to the internet, tablets and computers, Minister Williams says the government has put measures in place to alleviate this problem.

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