In a statement from the Jamaica College Trust, the group has sought to dispel the allegations outlining the settlement was far less, approximately 23 million dollars. And while there has been some disquiet about the settlement still, the Trust maintains it’s crucial the Reid chapter be closed to advance the wellbeing of the school.

The message from the Trust was clear that as it ventilates the matter of the Ruel Reid settlement it seeks to hurriedly close that chapter and return focus to the business of teaching and learning at Jamaica College. This after recent news emerged suggesting embattled former Jamaica College Principal, Ruel Reid received a settlement of almost 100 million dollars after his resignation.

In a statement Tuesday, hand signed by the Chairman of the JC Trust it confirmed several things in relation to the agreement reached with Reid leading up to his resignation as principal. Of note it says the total amount agreed to be paid to Reid pursuant to the agreement leading up to his resignation, is just over 23 million dollars.

It says the Education Ministry is to provide just over 16 million dollars, while the Trust says to close the gap they decided to pay the remaining sum of a little over 7 million dollars. The Trust insists neither the school nor the board has paid or is to pay any monies whatsoever in relation to this agreement.

In explaining the move the Trust says it is consistent with its policy for using funds for the long-term benefit of the school, the Trust concluded that assisting to close the Ruel Reid chapter, paving the way for a new chapter was an appropriate use of its funds.

Meanwhile, trade unionist and social commentator Helene Davis Whyte says it may not have been in the Government’s best interest to settle with Reid. President of the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools, (JAPSS) Linvern Wright notes Reid’s legacy at the school has also been soiled by the allegations against him as Education Minister.

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