Jamaica College Encourages Students’ Interest in Aviation 

The aviation program led by Jamaica College has seen an increase in participants signing up for the program over the years. The students are able to learn and have hands-on experience with flying and manoeuvring the aircraft. 

“Providing children with the thrill of flight” the Jamaica College Summer School Aviation Program is being credited for boosting children’s interest in aviation. Principal of The Jamaica College Wayne Robinson received praises for his involvement and interest in contributing to the holistic development of students. 

The increase in demand for aviation skills around the world creates opportunities for students with experience and knowledge in the field. Robinson, who was present for the student’s first flight, expressed his gratitude for the high turnout the program received. 

The program caters to students from other high schools such as St. Hugh’s, Ardene, and Wolmers. 

A student who enrolled in the program, says she received the experience of a lifetime, and the opportunity to learn more about her passion. Director of the Jamaica College Aviation Program Dave Alon Robertson is advising people with a passion for aviation to seek opportunities in the field.

Report: Nasika Alliman

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