Jamaica among Region’s Less than 20% Vaccination Rate

The matter of vaccination rate is of major concern as the Government is on a journey to reach its vaccination target by March 2022. Prime Minister Andrew Holness says it is not the Government’s intention to force citizens into taking the COVID-19 jab. He says in order for the economy to be fully reopened, it is crucial to have a high vaccination rate. In the meantime, statistics from the Pan American Health Authority show that Jamaica is among five other Caribbean nations to have less than 20 percent in vaccination take up.

According to Prime Minister Andrew Holness the Government is moving in the direction of providing more options as it relates to vaccine availability. PM Holness notes new tactics will eventually be implemented by the Government in regards to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Holness recognizes that people have been frustrated with the tightened restrictions. He says taking the necessary precautions will in the interim will safeguard livelihoods in the long run.

Speaking at the Pan American Health Organization’s weekly press briefing, PAHO’s Director Dr. Carissa Etienne highlights Jamaica is among six countries in the region yet to reach 20 percent vaccination. She further notes that these countries have been grappling with vaccine inequity adding these nations are also facing internal issues.

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