A further delay in the deportation of two Nicaraguans nationals being held at the Savanna-la-Mar police station in Westmoreland since February has evoked an even more desperate plea for intervention. But immigration officials have advised that they are making every effort to return the nationals before the month ends.

Nine months of uncertainty, compounded by the absence of relatives to visit with food, clothing, and other necessities have driven the two jailed Nicaraguans Savanna-la-Mar in to despair. Not to mention, the year is nearing its end, and many families including those of the illegal foreign nationals are gearing up for the festive season.

2 weeks ago an update from the police lifted their spirits a bit, but almost a week later, there was no progress. The men are pleading to our news team to again highlight their plight, hoping it will be a catalyst for their return home.

A senior director at the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) on Tuesday informed CVM Live that they are now in possession of the men’s travel documents and are working closely with various travel agencies to determine the quickest route for their deportation.

According to the PICA official, they are making every effort to have the men back in Nicaragua before the end of November.

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