Irregular Garbage Collection And Health Concerns

More concerns are being raised about the frequency of garbage collection due to health issues across the island. One community in St Andrew says the lack of garbage skips in several areas has contributed to rat infestation. According to the World Health Organisation, flies, rats, dogs and other scavengers are attracted to garbage, especially in hot climates. This means that means that garbage which goes uncollected acts as a magnet to these animals and poses health risks.

The Golden Spring community in St Andrew is one such area where waste reportedly goes uncollected due to lack of skips and garbage trucks being unable to maneuver the roads to enter into the community. The President of the Golden Spring Association say residents often dispose their garbage along the roadways. He says at one point, a fridge was along the road side and it was only after residents protested over the issue that it was removed.

The Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Audley Gordon has made a call for citizens to properly containerize their waste. When asked about the Golden Spring Garbage issue, he requested the names of the communities and advised that an investigation will be carried out.