A number of councilors in Westmoreland are currently conducting investigations to determine how their signatures ended up on documents without their consent. The perplexing occurrence of fraudulent activity has left them deeply puzzled, prompting a call for a thorough investigation to swiftly address a multitude of concerns.

Councilors Ian Myles, Garfield James, Laughton McKenzie, and Lee Simpson now find their careers potentially under threat due to a distressing situation. The focal point of concern is a lodged complaint regarding the unauthorized affixing of five signatures on a document. This document’s content asserts a plan to remove Mayor Bertel Moore from office in September. Alongside this, several issues were raised by Councilor Garfield James of the Sheffield Division. He not only demanded answers concerning the accessibility of sensitive and confidential documents but also questioned the unauthorized access of such documents by individuals not authorized at the municipal office. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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