Intense Police Operations in Shelter Rock, St. Catherine

Intense Police Operations in Shelter Rock St. Catherine – Gruesome murders that have recently rocked sections of Spanish Town, St. Catherine, have prompted police operations within some of the volatile communities, as law enforcement says they are hell-bent on apprehending these violence producers, some of the most wanted on their list and persons of interest. One area specifically targeted by the lawmen is Shelter Rock, St. Catherine which was raided earlier this week.

The operation began after two gruesome murders were committed in the neighbouring community of Jones Town.

Jones Avenue the community where 66-year-old George Smart was thrown into a pit for dead some months ago and recently where 15-year-old Kevin Mckenzie was murdered when he went to throw out the garbage. It is alleged the perpetrators are from Shelter Rock, with fingers pointing to factions of the Clansman Gang.

Deputy Superintendent of Police for North St. Catherine Division Linroy Edwards says among the persons of interest who were apphended is one of the polices most wanted. The man is wanted for several incidents of extortion, murder and shootings. The police say they are actively pursuing other persons of interest that are on their radar and will not stop these operations until the communities go back to being at peace. Edwards says he is confident police intelligence will aid in their operations and is advising men who are listed as persons of interest visit the nearest police station.