Integrity Commission Concerned about ‘Gag Clause’

Several hot ticket items featured as concerns for members of the Integrity Commission on Friday, October 14, when the executives attended a sitting of the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee.

From the onset, many Jamaicans raised concerns about this aspect of the Integrity Commission Act that was akin to a gag clause, barring the Commission from openly speaking or discussing matters being investigated by the body.

Executive Director of the Commission, Greg Christie recommends that permission be granted to the integrity commission to amend the gag clause preventing the body from speaking openly on matters they are probing. This as he says the public have long held the view that the Commission is not doing much to tackle corruption.

But the Justice Minister and the Attorney General countered noting that the Commission’s Act allows for the body to report to parliament issues that they are investigating.

He further explained the impact of doing more than announcing to parliament as outlined in the Act noting they get to solicit more public support and evidence. Opposition member Julian Robinson agreed.

But it was not given the green light as some government members, took issue with the concerns. In the end it was decided that the matter would be brought for further discussion before any of the recommendations could be implemented.

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