Financial Analyst Dennis Chung says while some Jamaicans think crime-fighting measures should not be enforced until it affects them, he says many of these strategies being implemented in Parliament are necessary to deter criminals. 

This while agreeing that insurance companies will indeed hike prices for businesses being operated in high-risk environs, following the latest ATM robberies in Portmore.  Business owners fear they will be grappling with higher insurance policies given the increased risk commercialized areas face with shootings, especially the latest heists.

Financial Analyst, Dennis Chung says without a doubt if the risk of security increases, then the rates will increase. A ripple effect that Lieutenant Commander George Overton accepts consumers will contend with. Assuring customers will be the ones to pay the cost of these premium security packages should businesses provide services in areas that come under threat.  Both the retired lt. Commander and Chung believe the state will have to control and reduce crime to mitigate these incidents. 

Chung believes the current parliamentary implementations are heading in the right direction, but will need time to yield the results. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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