Inner-City Residents Cry Out For Help Following Heavy Rainfall

Some inner-city residents are still reeling from the impact of the recent heavy rains; the persistent downpour has also highlighted the issue of poverty. Reporter Aladden Love visited the community of McDonald Place, St. Andrew West Central on Wednesday to uncover some of the damage and potential hazards.

The residents lament that they feel neglected and are appealing to their Member of Parliament, Prime Minister Andrew Holness for help.

The sun is out, but things aren’t looking very bright for the residents of McDonald  Place, Kingston 11. On Tuesday, CVM LIVE visited the home of Barvia Cunningham who was still cleaning up the mess caused by Sunday’s heavy and prolonged downpour.

Up to Wednesday, she was nowhere near finished. She has had to endure flooding for three (3) years and is now on the verge of giving up. 

A health issue may also be brewing at her home which she shares with her mother and her two (2) children aged 18 and 9.

Currently, Barvia isn’t employed and is unable to purchase the necessary materials to rebuild her house. 

The People’s National Party (PNP) Councillor for the area, Patrick Roberts has visited her home since CVM LIVE brought the issue to his attention. He says the Cesspool Company will drain the pit on Thursday, then he’ll take it from there. 

Some of Barvia’s neighbours have also been experiencing challenges and are in desperate need of assistance. 

For Sonia Wlliams-Belnavis, a health issue is also knocking at her door. Even more alarming, is the possibility of the roof in her bedroom which she shares with her sick husband, caving in due to the persistent heavy rainfall.

She’s appealing to the Member of Parliament for the area, Prime Minister Andrew Holness for help. 

Another elderly resident, Bernice Grant is also overwhelmed. 

Unfortunately, the sun betrayed the inner-city residents on Wednesday, because hours after CVM LIVE left the community, the hope they had for drier days had been washed away. Barvia who has it worse than everyone else is back to square one.