The Small Business Association of Jamaica and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance is expressing concern over the development taking place across the island. According to them small business operators are being displaced under the guise of development.

The concerns were expressed at a joint press conference at the Small Businesses Association location on Trafalgar Road in Kingston.

President of the Small Business Association of Jamaica, Hugh Johnson says the reports he has received is not resting well with the organisation.

” It is concerning persons who have been operating in a space owned by Government for quite some while and have been displaced. The White Marl facility where that was designed as a small business facility where they(small business) are operating, they are interested in buying but the Government believes they should always go for the highest bidder,” Johnson shared.

Adding to this, Johnson notes that farmers are also being affected.

“In Trelawny is NHT, Farmers are on this plot of land working for some time and NHT because they have all the money in the world come and buy the land and displace the farmers without any form of compensation or relocation,” the Small Business Association of Jamaica President noted.

The ongoing roadworks taking place across the island is also being blamed for loss of sales and reduced profits. The Vice President of the Small Business Association of Jamaica says the contractors should not be blamed for the issues but those who hire them.

” The Government has not operated correctly in the area of the designs of what is given to the contractors to tender on,” Foreman added.

Since the road improvement projects started, a number of small business owners have made complains about its effect on their businesses.