Informal Settlers in Scarlett Hall are Facing a Dilemma

Informal Settlers in Scarlett Hall, Falmouth Trelawny say after many years of occupying these lands without any disturbances, their lives are now being made a living hell.

Settlers along the North Coast Highway said unidentified individuals used sledgehammers to destroy their properties on Friday, July 16.

They say men clad in yellow shirts and fully masked began demolishing their properties, in the presence of police.

The settlers say there was no proof of any order to undertake the demolition, and according to one man, the police seemed confused about the situation as well.

Another woman said stop orders were placed on the construction of houses a few months ago, and have been adhered to.

The settlers say they are therefore confused as to why the properties were being demolished.

They say the demolition of the properties ceased after the men received a phone call. However, the source of the desist order remains unclear.

Despite the chaos, the settlers remain adamant the lands belong to them.

One of the attorneys representing the informal settlers said the necessary steps have been taken to secure their clients.

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